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Everything you Need to Know About the Gem of Success: White Opal

White or milky opal is the most affordable form of solid opal. It has a pale white appearance with sudden bright flashes of colour, like a kaleidoscope. It is considered a semi-precious gemstone of the silicate mineral family and has around 20% water. It is known to show a spectrum of colours due to its whiteness. The term “opal” is derived from the Sanskrit word “upala,” meaning “gemstone”. White opal is a beautiful stone and is praised for its tranquil and peaceful colour. Considering its availability in large amounts and reasonable price, it is bought worldwide. It is considered the birthstone of people born in October. Astrology suggests people under the Libra zodiac sign wear this stone on the ring finger of the working hand.

How is This Opal Distinct from Black Opal and Crystal Opal?

This stone tends to suppress the sparkle of different colours, whereas, in rare black opals, the shine is brighter and more vibrant. At first glance, this opal can be very hard to differentiate from crystal opal. The main difference is that crystal opal is either partially or completely translucent, whereas the visibility of this opal varies from white to semi-translucent.

Where is This Opal Found?

This opal is mined chiefly in South Australia. The major mining fields include Coober Pedy, Mintabie, and Andamooka. It is also found in some parts of Ethiopia, Canada, and Hungary.

Coober Pedy is considered the leading producer of this opal. It has been at the core of international opal mining since it was discovered in 1915. 80% of Australia’s opal production comes from this mine. Mintabie Opal was once a well-known type of opal. However, there is very little to almost no mining going on as of now. Andamooka is known to produce fairy opals in some of the rarest colour sparkles.

Benefits of Wearing This Opal According to Astrology

A celebrity called Aishwarya Rai sports an opal ring. Even the world-famous William Shakespeare called opal “the queen of all gems”. In astrology, it is considered the perfect replacement for a diamond.

Here are some of its benefits.

  • Milky opal is known to have healing properties. It cures hormonal imbalance, kidney and endocrine gland problems, and psychological disorders. It is also known to improve the reproductive health of the wearer.
  • Astrologers recommend the stone to professionals as it is believed to nurture the creativity and thinking process of the wearer. People who wear the stone become more efficient, and their imaginations become more purified. Innocence and adequate relaxation are also significant developments in people wearing this stone.
  • It is often connected with the planet Venus in Vedic astrology, which is the planet for a wealthy and luxurious life. Astrologers say it channels better income sources and financial opportunities and bestows better status on the wearer.
  • This stone is also known to calm a restless mind. Astrologers advise people with poor communication skills to wear a white opal, as the gemstone is known to improve connections and bonds.
  • It is also beneficial for people with a disoriented married life.
  • People with low expressiveness gain benefits from wearing the stone.

Price of Milky Opal

The price of this opal depends on factors like origin, cut, carat weight, clarity, and colour. Sometimes, prices also extend due to intensity, the number of colours, and the distribution of patterns. Generally, the price of this opal varies from 6 AUD per carat to 8 AUD per carat. If the number of colours present is more and it’s more flashy, then the prices can go from 14 AUD per carat to 62 AUD per carat or even more.

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